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Good Mourning is Machine Gun Kelly’s addition to the world of stoner comedies. It’s worth mentioning that these movies seem to come out in a cycle with each generation. Cheech and Chong kicked off the genre with their set of comedy. Then in the ’90s, we had Half Baked and Dazed and Confused. The 2000s arguably became the genre’s golden age, giving us movies like Dude Where’s my Car?, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Grandma’s Boy, and How High. But a good classic stoner movie hasn’t been released in a while. And if Machine Gun Kelly has timed this right, Good Mourning will be a movie for the decade.


Good Mourning‘s trailer is fast-paced and hits all the notes of a classic comedy. But along with all the craziness, the trailer has moments of legitimate drama and the impetus of a surprisingly compelling storyline, which is something naysayers of the genre might lack. But it looks like MGK and Mod Sun have made a balanced movie that even good little boys and girls will want to see.

Here’s everything we know so far about Good Mourning.

Good Mourning’s Plot

At a time when movie plots have become predictable and breaking the fourth wall is the only way to be honest, MGK and Mod Sun have gone full meta with their film. The trailer has Kelly playing a celebrity starring in a fictional show called Good Bad People. His character’s name is London Clash, which couldn’t have anything to do with Joe Strummer. As Clash wakes up to two texts from his girlfriend that read, “I wish I didn’t have to do this through text,” and “Good Mourning,” he immediately interprets the messages as a break-up text and sets off to find his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, he can’t run around looking for her because of the meeting he has later that day to land his next big role. Ticking clock hilarity ensues, and somehow Danny Trejo, dressed as a caveman, knocks a bunch of colorful snacks out of Clash’s hands with a big Flintstones-style club.

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In the search for London Clash to find his girlfriend, he begins by cleansing his soul with a space-hippy friend. As they burn a bundle of sage to fill the room with good energy, they set a mushroom tapestry on fire, and who else walks in to save the day but MGK’s real-life fiancée Megan Fox brandishing a fire extinguisher. An entire lineup of cameos from producers to stars litters the trailer, each showcasing the classic joke of the protagonist stepping up to these big names only to get beat down (sometimes literally).

The Good Mourning Red Band trailer was released on 4/20 in celebration of the stoner holiday, along with a synopsis of the movie:

Good Mourning follows movie star London Clash (Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly, acting and directing under his own name). When he wakes up to an implied breakup text from the love of his life, his world is turned upside down. And the timing couldn’t be worse because the most important meeting of his career is scheduled for later that same day. Compounded by chaotic roommates and wildly unpredictable twists and turns, London’s day keeps going downhill until, ultimately, he is forced to choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing, starring role in a major motion picture.

The Good Mourning Cast

MGK and Mod Sun have put together a fantastic ensemble cast for Good Mourning, with cameos and classic comedians. London Clash’s girlfriend, Apple, is played by Becky G. And Mod Sun plays Clash’s friend. Pete Davidson shows up as what appears to be Clash’s valet but has a prominent position on the movie poster. The rest of the ensemble is filled by GaTa, Dove Cameron, Jenna Boyd, Zach Villa, and Boo Johnson.

The notable cameos in the trailer include Whitney Cummings as Clash’s ornery agent, Tom Arnold as a producer, Dennis Rodman as a punch in the face, and Snoop Dogg as a talking blunt. All in all, a considerable amount of talent is coming together in this movie, and it should be a worthy addition to the genre.

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While there doesn’t seem to be much more information about the film at the moment, fans are still very excited to see Machine Gun Kelly make his debut in filmmaking. Though the singer has already made appearances in several movies and TV shows, this seems to be the first time he’s working behind the camera. Fortunately, now that the trailer is released, we won’t have to wait too long.

Release Date

Good Mourning is set to premiere on May 20, 2022, in theaters and On Demand.


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