The Dragon Prince Season 3 Storylines We Hope to See Resolved in Season 4


Spoiler Alert: The Dragon Prince Seasons 1-3

The Dragon Prince began airing on Netflix back in 2018. Fans were immediately hooked on the magical anime that centered around two brothers and their unlikely friendship with a young elf on their quest to reunite a baby dragon with its mother. The show’s ability to take real-world problems and dichotomies from the 21st century and manipulate them into stories for a magical animated world instantly resonated with audiences and allowed viewers to relate to the mystical and magical creatures on multiple levels. Combined with the breathtaking visuals concocted for the fictional land of Xadia and the series immediately blew up as one of Netflix’s biggest success stories.


Even with the first episode airing in September 2018, the show had concluded its third and most recent season by the end of November 2019 — barely a year after the show first aired. Keeping all of that in mind, the show was renewed for a fourth season after the climactic ending of the third, and fans haven’t seen any trace of new footage despite it being almost three years later.

Now, fans can sit patiently if it means a better final product and a conclusive return to the world they’ve desperately missed. Nevertheless, whenever season 4 finally airs, there are several cliffhangers from the season 3 finale that fans hope to see answered.

Aaravos’ Cocoondragon prince season 3 storylines resolved aaravos cocoon Cropped

This is arguably the biggest cliffhanger that the show left off on, especially since it was literally the last scene of the finale. When the climactic final battle was over, and Callum had saved Rayla from falling to her death, Viren wasn’t so lucky, and he perished — or so we thought. Right before the episode cut to black, Claudia was shown using dark magic to resurrect her father, immediately leaving fans to wonder what his fate would be in the future.

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Unfortunately, Viren being alive wasn’t the worst reveal of the final seconds when Claudia showed him that Aaravos had somehow survived the fall and was now inside a cocoon to transform into something else. Now, Aaravos was a caterpillar-esque creature before entering the cocoon, so it can only be assumed that he’ll emerge from his transformation as something resembling a butterfly or a moth. Perhaps even large and deadly enough to take on a dragon.

After all, if Mothra can pose as a formidable opponent against Godzilla, we’re willing to bet that Aaravos has some magic up his sleeve to be more than a formidable opponent for Zym and the other dragons.

Zym & Zubeia’s Futuredragon prince season 3 storylines resolved zym and zubeia Cropped

One of the nicer moments in the finale was when the entire purpose of the series (to that point) had finally been achieved with Zym being returned to his mother, Zubeia. Callum, Rayla, Ezran, and their fellow companions were able to vanquish Viren and his army and succeeded in reuniting the baby dragon with the Queen while also showing that humans and elves could coexist with one another. It was truly a full-circle moment that fans met with applause and perhaps a few tears.

That being said, the future for Zym and Zubeia should be filled with hope and promise — but that’s not how all TV shows work. With Aaravos and Viren surviving their fall, it’s only fitting that they’ll be back for blood when season 4 comes around, which can only spell trouble for the dragon prince and his mama. Not only that, but with such a long gap between seasons 3 and 4, we’re willing to bet that the creators/writers have been brainstorming more than a few obstacles to throw Zym and Zubeia’s way.

Callum’s Magical Powersdragon prince season 3 storylines resolved callums powers Cropped

Ok, seriously — what the heck is Callum? One of the biggest questions of the entire series has always been the mystery of how Callum can use magic. According to the magical laws of Xadia, no humans can use magic at all. Ever. Yet somehow, Callum is capable of doing so. Even without a primal stone. The cherry on top, the finale ended on a serious cliffhanger with Callum jumping off the mountain to save Rayla and developing the ability to fly.

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With a season 4 on the way, it’s only understandable that fans will want a few answers on why Callum is so magically gifted when no human in history has been able to use magic before him. But if The Dragon Prince ends up running for several more seasons after season 4 comes out, it’s probably safe to say that that question won’t get answered anytime soon since the mystery of Callum’s magical abilities is one of the most fascinating aspects of his story/character.

Regardless, even if season 4 doesn’t answer the question of Callum’s magic, it’s still a question that fans will continue to look forward to finding out whenever the answer is finally revealed.


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