How to Get Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal’s Adventure Journals are rare bonuses for specific activities, and they can be turned in to start Elite Quests with valuable rewards.

Adventure Journals are rare rewards in Diablo Immortal that can be used to initiate special quests, but there’s no way to obtain them at the start of the game. In order to start completing activities that award Adventure Journals, players will need to reach the max character level of 60 and switch to Hell difficulty. Unlocking Hell difficulty and Paragon leveling will require some grinding, so players should be prepared to commit a decent amount of time to the game before Adventure Journals become available.

The best ways to reach level 60 quickly are to complete story missions, unlock Bestiary pages, and level up the Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal. Once a character reaches level 60, players can continue farming for XP to reach new Paragon levels and earn Adventure Journals. In order to earn these special rewards, players will need to complete specific missions and reach Paragon milestones.


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The only way to get more Adventure Journals is to complete Codex missions that list this item as a reward and reach Paragon milestones. For example, as soon as players reach Paragon level one and switch to Hell difficulty, they will receive an Adventure Journal. More are awarded for reaching higher levels and increasing the difficulty further. For example, another Adventure Journal will be awarded for reaching Paragon level 30 in Diablo Immortal and increasing the difficulty to Hell 2.

How To Get Elite Quests In Diablo Immortal

How to Get Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal Epic Quest Book

After receiving an Adventure Journal, players will need to turn it in to the right vendor in Westmarch in order to start an Elite Quest. The Elite Quests generally take a bit longer than regular side quests, and there’s usually a boss fight. However, the rewards are typically unique and valuable, so the Elite Quests are worth completing. In order to start an Elite Quest, players will need to travel to Westmarch and visit the Adventure Seeker.

Taite, the Adventure Seeker NPC, is a vendor in Westmarch that gives both Side Quests and Elite Quests. Unlike the Elite Quests, Side Quests don’t require any items to initiate, but the rewards aren’t as good. Taite can be found just south of the Wolf City Tavern where players can enter the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal or gain access to the Court of Whispers. The Adventure Seeker is also immediately west of the Essence Transfer NPC.

Once players speak to Taite, they can select the Elite Quests option and choose which mission they want to accept. Unlike most of the activities in the game, the rewards for completing an Elite Quest aren’t listed. It doesn’t matter which Elite Quest players accept, but reading the description will provide some basic information, including the region where the mission will take place. Once an Elite Quest is accepted, the Adventure Journal will be gone, and players will need to collect another one to complete additional missions in Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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