Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: Kamala Continues to Shine


The fourth episode of Ms. Marvel has landed on Disney+. After the third episode ended with Kamala Khan’s grandmother, Sana, telling Kamala to visit her in Karachi, “Seeing Red” begins with the Khan family on a flight to Pakistan. This episode changes the setting from the small town of Jersey City to one of the largest cities in the world, as the show offers yet another exciting installment. The fourth episodes of MCU miniseries have typically been excellent, as we have seen with Moon Knight and WandaVision. This episode continues that trend with another superb entry that allows the show to find its footing.

“Seeing Red” demonstrates the power that a show like Ms. Marvel can have. The highest-grossing movie franchise of all time has been able to successfully use its platform to represent people of many different backgrounds. This show combines the typical superhero tropes you’re expecting with a relatable story of visiting international relatives. In this episode, Kamala visits her cousins and grandmother in Pakistan, and everything feels so grounded in a situation audiences can understand.

The representation is unique to Pakistani culture, as Sana mentions the things that she holds onto because of Partition. The settings and locations are new and fresh for the MCU, like when Kamala goes to a street market with her cousins. She gets directions to the train station, where she engages in a fight with a masked man. Kamala’s consistent quips in the middle of her fight show how ready she is to be an Avenger. It’s classic MCU writing that fits the character of a teenager who looks up to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The man is introduced as the Red Dagger, and the episode gives more information about the Noor Dimension — a fascinating concept with many possibilities.

Not only is this an episode where Kamala continues to learn how to wield her powers, but we are given some deeper character exploration. Sana talks about still trying to understand her identity, and the emotional relationship between Sana and her daughter, Muneeba, gets a raw, beautifully written scene. Muneeba and Kamala have had a tense relationship for much of the show, and the way Muneeba’s conversation with her mother leads her to fix things with her daughter is an excellent idea. Tender moments like this set up a multilayered story with characters that are very easy to care for.

“Seeing Red” also features the most intense action of the entire show so far, with a gripping battle between our heroes and the Clandestines. This leads to a fun, thrilling chase scene with trucks and carts, where Kamala gets to use her powers to save a family from being hit by a truck. The fight scene continues to get more and more exciting, as two characters get killed and Najma stabs the bangle, transporting Kamala to 1942 during Partition. Is this a vision, or is it time travel? That’s the cliff viewers will have to be hanging from for a week, as “Seeing Red” kicks up the action and emotion in a series that continues to get more worth investing in. With two episodes left, let’s hope this story keeps up the pace.

SCORE: 8/10

As ComingSoon’s review policy explains, a score of 8 equates to “Great.” While there are a few minor issues, this score means that the art succeeds at its goal and leaves a memorable impact.

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