Ms. Marvel Star Has Hilarious Reason For Wanting to Be in MCU Show


EXCLUSIVE: Ms. Marvel star, Aramis Knight, shares his hilarious reason for wanting to be in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series.

Ms. Marvel star, Aramis Knight, has a hilarious reason for wanting to be in the MCU television series. Knight stars as Kareem, a Pakistani teenager who is a member of an order known as the Red Daggers. Originally a solo powerless vigilante in the comics known as the Red Dagger, Ms. Marvel portrays Kareem as a young member in a long lineage of red scarf-clad crime-fighting heroes who can somehow sense the Noor.

Although Knight is only 22 years old, the actor has already built an impressive resume as a child actor dating back to 2005, when he starred in commercials and picked up minor roles in television shows such as Boston Legal and Invasion. He later gained prominence with leading roles in films such as Ender’s Game as Bean and Into the Badlands as M.K. However, Ms. Marvel is not the young actor’s first superhero project. Knight previously had a small role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises as a small child with an apple who is rescued from a couple of thugs by Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) on the streets of Gotham City.


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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Knight shared his hilarious reason for wanting to be in an MCU show. The actor jokingly claimed that The Dark Knight Rises scene was his superhero origin story as he never wanted to be saved again. This moment in his past is what led him to become the Red Dagger. Read what Knight said below about being in The Dark Knight Rises and joining the MCU at the same time as Christian Bale.

That’s my claim to fame. [Laughs] I actually saw him at the Thor premiere, which was really cool. I really look up to him, so that was a really cool moment.

But, yeah, Kid with Apple, man. That’s where it all started. After I got saved by Catwoman, I was like, “Nah, screw this. I’m gonna become Red Dagger, so that no one has to save me ever again.”

Although Knight’s two characters are obviously different people, as they exist in separate comic book universes and are from completely different countries, stringing together both moments in his career is a humorous connection. Although Knight’s scene was brief in The Dark Knight Rises, the actor now portrays an important character in Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel’s (Iman Vellani) life. No longer a one-scene kid, Knight will likely return to the role of the Red Dagger for a second season if the show is renewed for season 2, as Kareem makes the trip to Jersey City in the comic books.

Knight’s origin story from kid with the apple in the Batman film to the Red Dagger in Ms. Marvel would be apt for the character’s original comics origin. While Ms. Marvel portrays Kareem as a member of an ancient prestigious order of heroes protecting Karachi from otherworldly beings, such as the ClanDestines, the comics depicted the Red Dagger as a streetwise kid. Lacking powers of any sort, Kareem was simply an astute city-tested child who learned his knife-throwing skills and parkour moves from videos on YouTube. The self-taught, self-motivated vigilante is not an unreasonable destination for Knight’s DC claim to fame as the kid with the apple.

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