Daniel Radcliffe Names Elijah Wood as ‘Obvious’ Actor to Play Him in a Parody Biopic


As someone who’s now played another celebrity in a parody biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story star Daniel Radcliffe would be amused to see his own life story given the same treatment. In fact, Radcliffe even has the perfect idea in mind already if such a movie were to ever be made. The subject came up in a recent chat with Variety in promotion of Radcliffe’s new film, which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Radcliffe said that it would have to be Elijah Wood.

“I would say, if somebody was going to do a parody of my life, obviously [it has to be] Elijah Wood. We would trade off.”

Radcliffe going a bit further to suggest that he could also play Wood adds an interesting angle to the potential parody film that, quite frankly, a lot of people would probably really want to see. Saying that it’s the obvious choice to go this way is due to the actors’ physical similarities which has often had fans confusing one for the other. Of course, something else they have in common is that they are both stars of major fantasy movie franchises, with Radcliffe from Harry Potter and Wood from Lord of the Rings.


“I was on a red carpet in Japan, and a photo of you was thrust at me,” Radcliffe told Wood in a joint interview, via MuggleNet. “My first instinct was to say, ‘Oh, I’m not… So I can’t…’ but I thought the language barrier would be too much. So the quickest way to deal with it was just to write, ‘I am not Elijah Wood, [signed] Daniel Radcliffe,’ and then hope somebody translated that for him later.”

Wood shared a story of his own by responding, “I have on multiple occasions been applauded for my bravery on stage in Equus. Once I was in an elevator in Vancouver and it was just me and this other person, and I could feel them looking at me intently. Just before the doors opened into the lobby, he finally got up the courage, pointed at me and said, ‘Harry Potter!’ I said, ‘No!’ and I walked away.”

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Daniel Radcliffe Plays “Weird Al” in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

The topic of parody movies comes up due to Radcliffe’s starring role in the Roku movie Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Though inspired by Yankovic’s rise to fame in the 1980s, the film also serves as a parody of musician biopics by taking some liberties and imagining “Weird Al” as a much more tragic personality. While Radcliffe has certainly shown off his range by appearing in some bizarre movies in years past, this one seems to be his weirdest role yet.

The official synopsis for the movie is as follows:

Daniel Radcliffe is “Weird” Al Yankovic in the unexaggerated true story about the greatest musician of our time. From a conventional upbringing where playing the accordion was a sin, Al rebelled and made his dream of changing the words to world-renowned songs come true. An instant success and sex symbol, Al lives an excessive lifestyle and pursues an infamous romance that nearly destroys him.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story will start streaming for free on The Roku Channel on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022.

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