Adam Sandler Doesn’t Get ‘Too Shook Up’ Over Harsh Movie Reviews


Some of Adam Sandler’s movies have been heavily criticized but the actor doesn’t let that affect him too much.

Veteran actor and comedian Adam Sandler has certainly found tremendous success with his movie career, but he’s no stranger to negative reviews. Though perhaps best known for his work in comedy, Sandler’s dramatic roles are among his most acclaimed with films like Uncut Gems and Hustle garnering strong reviews. Meanwhile, he has also starred in several total duds with his comedy-western The Ridiculous 6 sitting with a rare 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes. He’s appeared in other heavily-criticized films such as Jack and Jill, The Do Over, and the Grown Ups movies, among others.

No actor wants their movies to perform badly with critics, but for Sandler, he does not let negative reviews affect him too much. As Sandler explains in a new interview for AARP, he isn’t fond of seeing them, but that’s mostly for the sake of the “amazing” people he recruits to work on his films that he’d rather not be subjected to it. Here’s what he said when asked if negative reviews for his movies ever “sting.”


“Sometimes. Mostly because I invite all these amazing people I care about to make movies with me, and I wish they didn’t have to read s— about whatever we’ve made.”

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Adam Sandler Doesn’t Sweat the Bad Reviews

When it comes to himself, personally, Sandler doesn’t get too worried about it. He credits a lesson he was taught by his father as one reason why he has learned to overlook the criticism. As the Hubie Halloween star puts it, the negativity only makes him appreciate it that much more when there are things in his life to be happy about.

“I don’t get too shook up. I always remember something my father said. He was a tough bastard. He went through ups and downs in his life, like not having work for a year or two and not telling us. I recall one time that something didn’t go right for me. I bombed onstage or didn’t get an audition. I was upset and probably embarrassed. And he said, ‘Adam, you can’t always be happy. People aren’t always going to like you. You’re going to fail.’ I said, ‘But I just want to be happy, man. I don’t want all that other crap.’ He said, ‘You won’t actually know you’re happy if you don’t feel that other stuff.'”

Sandler has multiple upcoming projects for his fans to look out for, such as the sequel Murder Mystery 2 along with the movies Spaceman and The Out-Laws. It was also just recently announced that he will be appearing with some of his family members in the film You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah. Perhaps not everyone out there is a fan, but Sandler is not going anywhere.

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