Which She-Hulk Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


While some criticize the Marvel Cinematic Universe for being too formulaic, it’s certainly trying new things with its Disney+ shows, from WandaVision to Ms. Marvel, and the latest is She-Hulk, with its sitcom format that also happens to break the fourth wall.

The show is a breath of fresh air for a lot of MCU fans, giving them a break from some of the heavier drama superheroes face in their films. As the episodes drop on Thursdays on the streaming service, She-Hulk gives fans something to laugh about, in addition to a whole lot of new characters in the MCU. With so many, it’s no surprise that the characters can be matched to corresponding zodiac signs.


Aries: Ched

Members of the extended Walters family are introduced when Jen has a family dinner early in the season, but Ched is her cousin who keeps popping up. He’s an enthusiastic person, always looking for the fun in life, and he channels his zest for life into his job as a DJ.

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While it might get on Jen’s nerves, Ched’s positive nature and tendency to impulsively jump into money-making schemes (like wanting her signature on a bunch of Titania’s products) are perfect Aries personality traits.

Taurus: Luke

When Jennifer transforms into She-Hulk and ruins her outfits one too many times, Nikki takes it upon herself to find her friend someone who can make superhero clothing. That someone is Luke.

Luke has a love for luxury that any Taurus would understand. He prides himself in making the best of the best — clothing that is as beautiful as it is functional. His other big Taurus trait? He’s incredibly stubborn. His client list is exclusive, so he doesn’t stop what he’s doing to take a meeting with just anyone. He designs what he wants and what he thinks is best for his clients, and he doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to his vision.

Gemini: Matt

Matt Murdock hasn’t actually shown up in the series just yet. His Daredevil helmet, however, teases his eventual appearance. Despite that, the audience has a pretty good idea of just who the Daredevil is.

Matt has a lot of Gemini traits. Geminis are charming. They can make friends wherever they go, even if those friendships stem from an initial conflict, which can often happen when new heroes are introduced to one another. Likewise, Geminis are survivors. They adapt to new situations quickly, as Matt has to in order to maintain a life as a lawyer and a vigilante.

Cancer: Pug

Pug is one of the first people Nikki and Jen meet when they get jobs in superhero law. He doesn’t just welcome them to their new offices but brings them a welcome basket with some of the most thoughtful items he can find.

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Pug is absolutely a Cancer. He’s quick to make friends and get in tune with the emotions of others. That’s why he and Nikki get along so well and are able to work together so efficiently.

Leo: Madisynn

Madisynn is the life of the party. It doesn’t seem to matter where she goes, with a drink in hand, she is always ready to have a good time, whether that’s at a night out with friends or staying in and eating frozen yogurt with Wong — or even getting pulled into another dimension and having to make a deal with a demon.

That always-ready-to-party aspect of Madisynn’s personality makes her the best MCU character, and also shows how much of a Leo she is. Leos want to have a good time. They find ways to make work fun. They’re also very loyal friends, so her finding an unexpected friendship with Wong will mean he’s always got someone in his corner.

Virgo: Mallory

Mallory might not think of herself as Jennifer’s friend in the same way that Jennifer wants to be hers, but she’s definitely one of the best-prepared lawyers the audience sees in the series.

When Mallory takes on Jennifer’s defense against Titania’s lawsuit, she learns anything and everything she can about the situation in a very short amount of time. She’s the epitome of a Virgo, with a full plan for Jennifer’s defense before she and Jennifer even fully discuss the case. Mallory is incredibly analytical in her parsing out of She-Hulk’s dating history as well, and even though she comes across as a little cold to Jen, she offers her plenty of advice too. Mallory has all the hallmarks of a Virgo.

Libra: Wong

Libras can sometimes drag their feet when making a decision, but that’s largely because they want to weigh all of their options. If they change their mind, it’s because they’ve realized their original path isn’t the right one. Marvel’s Wong very much fits the Libra role as he tries to keep his distance from Madisynn, but also befriends her.

Libras also have a certain charm, often being compared to Geminis in that respect, which is why they’re able to make friends quickly even as they keep people at a distance. That’s why it’s easy to see that Nikki, Jen, and Madisynn all get along with Wong fairly quickly.

Scorpio: Nikki

Nikki is Jen’s best friend. She’s confident, and the best paralegal Jen knows, which is why she makes the move to a new law firm with her when Jen is let go at the start of the series. The reason Nikki is the best is because nothing stops her from getting the information she needs.

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Whether it’s creating a “thirst trap” for Wong to get him to appear in court or seeking out someone who makes superhero attire for Jen, Nikki goes after what she wants while also looking out for the needs of her friends. That goal-oriented behavior and take-no-prisoners approach is purel Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Bruce/Hulk

Bruce Banner is one of the few characters whom the audience has a canon birth date for. Born in mid-December, he’s canonically a Sagittarius.

That sign is a pretty great fit for him. Though Sagittarians are known for being restless, loving to travel, and always looking for the next piece of their happiness, they’re also the scholars of the zodiac. A Sagittarius loves to learn, is fascinated by many subjects, and enjoys sharing their knowledge. That’s exactly what Bruce (as one of the MCU’s smartest characters) does with his knowledge of being a Hulk when Jennifer first transforms.

Capricorn: Titania

While Titania’s love of attention and influencer culture might make her seem like a Leo, the truth is that she is more focused on her goals than a typical lion sign. The influencer culture isn’t just about having everyone see her; it’s about making sure she gets to do everything her way and achieve her goals.

Titania has a plan. She wants to get into every corner of the cosmetic market, and when She-Hulk interrupts that plan, she’s more than a little peeved. Her decision to attempt to block Jen from her use of the name She-Hulk is exactly the kind of problem a Capricorn would create for an enemy. It’s a tedious issue instead of an in-your-face battle that Titania probably thought would take up plenty of Jen’s time.

Aquarius: Jen/She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters just wants to live her life. She wants the freedom to do things her way. Whether that’s in her law career or her dating profiles, Jen doesn’t want to conform to anyone else’s standards.

Aquarius is often viewed as the rebel of the zodiac for that very reason. They walk their own paths, no matter what anyone else says. They might take advice from a handful of trusted people (like Jen does from Nikki), but more often than not, they’re going to trust their own instincts instead.

Pisces: Lulu

The high school friend that Jen hasn’t spoken to in forever, Lulu invites Jen to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, so preoccupied with her own daydream of a perfect wedding that she doesn’t notice at all how uncomfortable Jen is.

Now, Pisces is usually the sign that’s incredibly in tune with the emotions of others. While that might be true for Lulu normally, she’s also wrapped up in her own dream of a perfect day, which is also a very Pisces trait. Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, always with their head in the clouds. They can also be very in touch with their own emotions, which is why Lulu is able to shift how she views her perfect wedding day, allowing for She-Hulk to be in attendance instead of Jen after a match with Titania.

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