Taylor Swift Fans Think New Music Video References Kim Kardashian


After crashing Spotify with her new album Midnights, Taylor Swift released a music video for “Anti-Hero,” and fans think The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian inspired one of the scenes. Taylor’s new album was inspired by all the sleepless nights that she spent awake and fixating on her worries and anxieties. One of the darkest times for Taylor, which likely kept her up at night, was in 2016 when Kim and her then-husband Kanye West released footage on Snapchat where Taylor seemed to agree to Kanye’s song lyrics which she publicly condemned. The incident led to a public takedown of Taylor, which Kim and her family members encouraged. In 2020, the full phone call leaked, proving Taylor was telling the truth.


With Taylor’s new album, fans were wondering if she’d revisit the incident, and they think they’ve found some hints in her new music video. Twitter user @notesinsecrecy_ wondered, “did she just” with two screenshots from the video and a google search revealing that October 21st, the day of Midnights’ release, is also Kim’s birthday. One screenshot from the video reveals the female character’s name is Kimber, which is very close to Kim’s full name, Kimberly. Another screenshot reveals a phone recording their conversation, similar to how Kim secretly recorded Taylor and Kanye’s conversation. “She’s insane for this,” one fan replied. “I love it.” The music video scene occurs during the bridge of the song when Taylor describes a scenario where her future family fights over her money after she dies.

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Taylor Swift’s Music Video References Another Kim Kardashian-Inspired Song

The Kim-inspired character is wearing a dress that Taylor wore during her 2009 tour promoting her album Fearless, which included her hit “Love Story.” Some fans believe this is referencing an old video of Kim where she said she was a big fan of the song. The funeral scene also parallels her 2017 single “Look What You Made Me Do,” which was seemingly about Kim and Kanye and included the lyric, “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead.” One fan even took a screenshot from an upcoming music video of Taylor’s where the superstar is wearing a gown and fur shawl very similar to what Kim wore to the 2022 Met Gala.

While most of Taylor’s fans loved the possibility that Taylor was being petty and including Kim in her new video, others feel the feud was so long ago, and she needs to let it go. “Can she move on..” one fan wrote, while another added, “I’m sorry, but it’s been years, and she still crying ab it?” However, Kim’s actions had a lasting impact on Taylor and caused her to go into hiding for years to mentally recover from the backlash. It makes sense that she would reference the incident in her video for an album where she wrote about various impactful moments in her life. Taylor likely doesn’t give much thought to Kim or her family, since she has a successful career and happy relationship to focus on instead, but for this album, it would make sense to revisit the feud.

It’s also possible that fans are misinterpreting the scene entirely. It’s hard to ignore that Kimber is very similar to Kimberly, but the rest of the music video and song itself have no relation to the 2016 incident at all. In “Anti-Hero,” Taylor sings about her insecurities and how she’s caused herself all the problems that she deals with. The music video showcases how she can be her own worst enemy, encouraging herself to partake in self-destructive behavior. The funeral scene is seemingly aimed at the media and those who will use her name for fame and attention. Kim could fit the mold after what she did to Taylor in 2016. After all, everything the singer does is deliberate, meaning The Kardashians star may very well have been the inspiration for the scene.

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